Key services and skills

Strategic Business Assessment

Our team can quickly assess your business processes, bench mark them against best practices and recommend enhancements to improve efficiency's and productivity. ​​ 

Merchandise Planning

 Our planning expertise is unparalleled in the fashion industry.  We can define the right process for your business needs and implement the process with limited disruption to your companies daily workflow. ​​ 

Business Analytics

Our team of experts, can assess the key business drivers for your merchants and develop machine learning analytics to provide the insights needed to help in the decision-making process.

Supply Chain Optimization

We can assess your merchandising calendar and help optimize the go to market process within your organization  and improve timing and efficiency across all departments within the company. 

Process change management and Technology integration

Years of knowledge in assessing and implementing ERP, Merchandise Planning, PLM,  Data engineering, Warehouse management solutions, etc. combined with a proven process change management approach are crucial to successful user adoption.  

Sales channel optimization

We have extensive experience in transforming business' that deal in the omni-channel business environment.  If you are a Retailer, wholesaler, or e-commerce focused organization, we have the expertise to unify the business process and provide more efficiencies and accuracy. 

Store Operation optimization

Our team of retail experts have extensive knowledge in improving a stores operational efficiencies and driving bottom line sales revenue.  Our knowledge of in store inventory management and store concept execution are key components to the consumer shopping experience.

Personnel Training and recruitment.

We routinely assess organizational structures as a part of our business process transformation projects and we can provide guidance on job roles and responsibilities and personnel training programs.

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Consultants to the consultants

 Our domain knowledge in CPG and expertise in the Apparel space, allow us to interpret and inform best practice business process to not only our clients, but to other Consulting firms and technology implementation company's that may be working on a specific project scope. 

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