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Blockchain / Boardwalktech

Transperancy and trust are crucial in today's marketplace and supply chain.

Explore how Blockchain technology can help with your brand's image and improve supply chain efficiency.

AI and Analytics

Analytics and Artificial Intelligence - Actionized Intelligence

All retailers will need to embrace artificial intelligence and data analytics if they are going to optimize their inventory fulfillment and ultimately grow their sales volume.



"V-commerce" is coming, and all retailers need to move quickly in order to compete within the brave new world of consumerism.



Customer interaction on social platforms is a "must" in today's marketplace.

"It is the new world's Word of Mouth advertising opportunity!"

Smart technology


The use of Smart technology, augmented reality and virtual reality is enhancing the customers brand experience in exciting new ways.

Seamless experience


The customer must have a seamless experience across all channels of the client interaction platform.

Our Technology Partners

KIBO Cloud Commerce

KIBO - Cloud Commerce

At Kibo, we provide cloud commerce solutions inspired by your needs and designed to empower your teams. We’re at your side, committed to your financial success in an unpredictable world. Together, we can see further, think bigger, and climb higher.

Our software and services include eCommerce, Order Management, Personalization, and Mobile Point-of-Commerce for retailers, manufacturers, and brands.

Improve your customer experience

Antuit - AI Powered Analytics

By combining domain expertise and proprietary platforms with machine learning and AI-powered analytics, Antuit can help business drive revenue and margin growth, improve supply chain efficiency and enhance customer experiences. Data science and technology innovation is what sets Antuit apart, in the sea of Analytics solution providers.

Make analytics consumable
PIM Solution - Product information management

Plumslice - Product Experience Management - More than PIM

Plumslice ensures the management of product data workflows with powerful governance.  Plumslice delivers attribute management across the entire supply chain from concept to shelf.

Digitize your supply chain

HITactics - driving digital transformation.

HiTactics combines deep industry process and analytics expertise to help their clients confidently embrace digital business transformation. Their industry frameworks provide rapid application of applied intelligence, big data infrastructure & the Internet of Things.


Firsthandle - Customer engagement, acquisition and retention.

Our cloud native digital solutions, powered by latest developments in IoT, Mobile and AI, helps physical retailers across the globe stay competitive and increase revenues in today's dynamically changing retail landscape. 

Digitize the in-store experience
Blocksyte Blockchain solutions

Blockchain and the supply chain reimagined

Use Blockchain to create secure supply chain solutions.


Boardwalktech - Digital Ledger and Blockchain

Boardwalktech offer a new way to create agile, purpose-built Blockchain applications in the digital world.

Learn How

Understanding Blockchain

A great explanation on how Blockchain can help along your decentralized supply chain.

Designer Fashion and Blockchain - Transparent supply chain

A view in to how Blockchain can help improve visibility for the end consumer in the products they purchase.

Internet of Things and Blockchain

A brief explanation of how IoT and Blockchain will be used along the decentralized supply chain.

Other Blockchain videos

The difference between public and private blockchain.

Supply chain and Blockchain