About Us - Our Mission and Values

We are a different type of Advisory firm.

We assist our clients on the continual journey of improving operating efficiencies and delivering improved business results.

We are experienced business leaders prior to becoming professional consultants.

With many years' of executive level leadership experience in Consumer product goods and professional consultancy, Actionized is well positioned to support many different types of Retail and Branded clients along their evolving business path.

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Company Mission

Actionized, LLC. Mission

  “Our mission is to utilize our deep experience in business process reengineering and technology optimization, to assist our clients with their continually evolving need to improve operating efficiencies and manners of working, enabling them to achieve their long-term financial and operational goals”.  


Our goal is to use our many years of tangible business experience sitting in top executive roles within many consumer product focused companies, which allows us to quickly assess a company’s present process methodologies and identify gaps that will create better efficiencies and an improved go to market strategy for our clients.

The evolving supply chain
The evolving supply chain

Company Values

Our Core Values


1. Empowering individuals

2. Listening, Learning

3. Collaborating

4. Accountability

5. Continuous improvement

6. Innovation

7. Client relationship